The Angel in the Garden

It’s been a pet plan for tearooms 7a while now, to find a small angel to keep watch over the garden outside my study window. And in the first days of the new year I stumbled across one that was just the right size and height to stand between the quince tree and the pale pink Children’s Rose.

She’s a dark angel, and harmonizes beautifully with the brush fence and the slate edging on the nearby verandah.  She also looks well with the chocolate scabious, Black Knight, which I sow from seed each year to fill the spaces between the roses in early summer.

The angel is already influencing my gardening ideas, making me consider other dark flowers I might grow – no hardship, because I’ve always liked their drama.  A terracott pot spilling Black Velvet petunias looks well near her, so without moving towards a completely gothic garden, I’m planning next year to try the darkest of hollyhocks, some chocolate cosmos, and the variety of cornflowers called Blackball. If anyone has suggestions for dark flowers, I’d like to hear them.

Sourcing the seeds for those will be a pleasant task while the weather is hot.  Unfortunately, in Australia, there are prohibitions against importing seeds.  So I’m looking for local suppliers, not tormenting myself with what I could get if I lived in the US, or the UK.

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